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Wire Tun 1.5.9 APK + Mod (Free Unlimited Time) for Android

WireTun Binke Mod apk Download Version 1.5.9

WireTun Unlimited is back in action with high compatibility rates, speedy and stable.
✅ Unlimited Bandwidth 
✅ Compatible to all devices 
✅ Stable (Doesn't Disconnect). 

 It is time to get back to our ROUTES and we use our  WireTun VPN with unlimited time free internet.       
            "Free internet is a basic for everyone",              
             Information is a vital resource                      

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There are a lot of Virtual Private Networks that offer free internet such as
- Droid VPN 
- HTTP injector
- NapsternetV
- Ha Tunnel
- Rez Tunnel
- V2ray Hybrid
 among others. 

☝Most of them require configuration files which may seem difficult to ultimate beginners.                                      

Why WireTun VPN

WIRETUN VPN is a free and Unlimited VPN that doesn't require any configuration files and hence it is easier to use even for the ultimate beginners. 
All you need is to have a simcard with 0.0kb and a stable internet connection, then select server and connect.

Compatability of WireTun

The latest version of WireTun VPN had various challenges due to the upgrade made it incompatible to most devices. 
Most of you have been experiencing a notification that the app is not compatible to your device. 

Good news. 

The Good news is that we are going to enjoy wireTun Unlimited as we did earlier. The issues of incompatibility are now solved.
Developers have went an extra mile and modified this WireTun VPN to shoot compatibility rates on several devices. 


Today I'm unveiling this project of WireTun Binke Version 1.5.9 .
This will indeed solve the issue of WireTun not compatible and improve stability.

WireTun Binke Version 1.5.9.

This version is not yet available on the Play Store so to have this version you will be able to download it through my telegram bot: Or else, through my website for website

Why WireTun Binke mod version 1.5.9

✅ Unlimited Bandwidth 
✅ Compatible to all devices 
✅ Stable (Doesn't Disconnect). 

How to download and install WireTun Binke Version 1.5.9

Please note that this version of WireTun is NOT yet available at the play store. 
Click here to download. 

Server 2

Download WireTun MOD (Unlimited Time)

Installation Guide for WireTun mod apk 

After downloading and installing this file, click the file to install. 

Ensure that you give permission to your browser to install from unknown sources. 

Uninstall any other versions of WireTun VPN which could be available in your device even if you got it from the Play Store, even if it is a modified version of wire tun otherwise if you have any other versions this one may not install. 

Setting up WireTun VPN

After installing this new modified version of WireTun and you will follow the same steps that you have been following to run the other versions. 

You will have a little data for WireTun to fetch servers. 
After that you click here and you select the Severs. 

Ensure that you select server which are nearer to your country for faster speeds.
Consider a server which is having less traffic, less congested servers are more stable and speedy. Congested servers may display an error message " User SERVER LIMIT" 
It is recommended to select from the servers which are in the in the middle of the server list since most users may connect to the top most and bottom most servers. This selection will help you to avoid errors like user server limit and hence getting higher speeds 

Trouble Shoot
1. User Server Limit
Cause: This comes when you are connecting to an overloaded server.
Solution: Select "ANY OPTIMIZED"

2. Connected but not working
Cause: A fault in network connection
Solution: Run "Aeroplane mode on your phone, Turn Off data Connection and On, then connect, If the problem persists, restart your device.

Cause: VPN taking too long to connect.
Solution: Clear app CACHED data, or clear APP DATA if it persists, have a little data to fetch the servers.

Lastly,  after connecting please check the stats to see whether it is working give us your feedback on to this by replying this very post or via email 

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