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Airtel users, it's now your turn also to enjoy free Internet on NapsternetV. 

Unlimited Internet on NapsternetV has been available for MTN using tidal days but now free Internet is available for Airtel too using NapsternetV

Unlike for MTN which is unlimited provided you have tidal days, I may not guarantee unlimited bandwidth for Airtel since it requires no subscriptions.

Limit is still unknown but what i shall assure you is stability, light speeds and compatibility to many devices including iOS devices. 

Just a matter of remembering, did you use NapsternetV on Airtel in 2019-20, just before the booming of Ha tunnel with Jumia hosts.

Let the conversation continue in the comments section below. 

Apparently, us who enjoyed this, can defend NapsternetV to be the best VPN for free Internet accross the world since it is compatible to android and iOs users and have stood the test of time. 

Now look, did you use Psiphon pro for free Internet?.
Its times also existed, Worst VPN, Slow DNS, and HTTP INJECTOR were very powerful VPNs but the trends are over turning them.

What makes NapsternetV to be great?

1. Supports various protocols such as

2. It is speedy, and stable.

How to set NapsternetV for Free Internet on Airtel. 

- Download and install NapsternetV from the play store.
- Get a config file (.npv4 or. .pvn4)
- Import the config and connect.

Download free config files of NapsternetV for Airtel Network.

Download from Telegram (Recommended) 

Importing and connecting the config.

To import the config.

1. Open NapsternetV 
2. Click at the plus sign or world symbol at times
3. Select import npv4 config
You will be redirected to your phone storage.
4. Locate where the file is found.

(a) If you downloaded from mega nz:
Phone storage >download, then click the file to be imported 

(b) If you downloaded from Telegram.
In telegram, click at the 3 dots beneath the file and select save to download.

Then go to NapsternetV and start the importation process. 
Phone storage > download >telegram download.

After the file is imported, click the play button to connect. 


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    1. File is not wy
  2. File is locked
  3. File isn't working
  4. But the file was locked πŸ”
  5. How do l get the configuration password???
  6. I need Bangladesh airtel free net
  7. File is locked
    1. Tap on the play button to connect
  8. What's is the DNS SERVER
  9. Airtel iPhone fileπŸ™πŸ»
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