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Rez Tunnel VPN for free Internet

Best free Internet Vpns include.
1. Ha tunnel plus

2. Rez tunnel 

3. Droid vpn
4. WireTun

1.Ha tunnel 
Ha tunnel can be used for free Internet without hosts using DNS servers. 
Click here to learn How to connect ha tunnel without hosts. 

2. Rez Tunnel VPN Unlimited. 

In this article, we shall look at how to set up rez tunnel vpn for free Internet. 

Why Rez Tunnel. 

1. Faster speeds
2. Less ads
3. Convenient add time
4. Unlimited
5. Works without any host.

Procedure :

1. Download Rez tunnel from the play store
2. Import a Rez Config file. 
Click here to download the file šŸ‘‡

1. Download from Mega Nz

2. Download from Telegram 

4. Then simply click at start to get connected 


  1. You do the best for us all over the country continue thanks very much more videos more files
    1. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. This is the most honest person I've ever got on Internet. Always helps the vulnerable pple. May God bless you
  3. Where are files
    1. Click here to get the file.
  4. Well how came the rez tunnel works one time and it refuses to work
    1. Once the limit is reached, you wait for the next day
  5. Would you provide unlimited files for rez
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