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Exotic Fast VIP - Username and Password

Exotic Fast VIP

By: Kiberu Data Tech

Unlimited & Fast

Download Exotic Fast VIP

  • Introducing Exotic Fast VIP VPN for free internet on all networks.

  • Enjoy lightning speeds on all networks using this new VPN known as Exotic Fast VPN

  • In this post, we shall also discuss how to create accounts for Exotic Fast VIP

  • Lets get started .....

Chapters to cover

  1. About Exotic Fast VIP
    • App Details
    • Download App
    • Key Features
  2. How to use Exotic Fast VIP for Free NET
    • Accounts for Exotic Fast VIP
    • How to create Exotic Fast VIP Accounts
    • How to connect Exotic Fast VIP
    • Tips and best practices
    • Networks Supported

About Exotic Fast VIP

NameExotic Fast VIP
APK Version1.0
Config Version1.7
Size25 MB
Released12th Oct
PublisherKiberu Data Tech
Key Features  Fast Unlimited Internet

Download Exotic Fast VIP

Key features

  • Unlimited band width
  • Nice user interface
  • High speed severs
  • Many network tweaks
  • Low RAM usage
  • One tap connected
  • All Servers are deployed in 1 Gbps network.

Accounts for Exotic Fast VIP

Please create your self trial accounts using the demo reseller below

How to create accounts for Exotic Fast VIP

  • Reseller is website that allows you to create accounts for specific VPNs
Demo Reseller Panel

How to connect Exotic Fast VIP

1. You should have a little data on your simcard for the first time to use any VPN, this helps to load and update resources.

2. Update resources online manually if not updated automatically

3. Select sever and network tweak.

4. A tweak based on your network would be the best, but this does not limit you from connecting to different tweaks from your network.


Tips and best practices

  • Set Server to Auto select, this helps to optimize the best server for your region
  • Set tweaks based on your network for better connection.
  • UDP tweaks work in all countries, hence if your network is not listed, use ALL COUNTRY FREE
  • Run Airplane mode before connection to improve connectivity
  • Then connect to enjoy unlimited internet

Networks Supported

  • Airtel Uganda
  • Zain Sudan
  • Orange DRC
  • Tigo Tanzania
  • Use ALL COUNTRY FREE if your network is not listed

(b) ASIA
  • Mobily
  • STC
  • Etisalat
  • Five SIM
  • Jawwy
  • Airtel
  • DU

Premium Service

  • Pay 5,000 UGX for 30 day account for Exotic Tunnel PRO.
  • Feel free to request 30 minute trial before purchasing.
  • Come message us, we are ready to serve you
  • Contact us by WhatsApp only (NOT CALL)
    +256704346052 (Kiberu Data)

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