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How to create Unlimited Stark VPN Files for all Networks 2023


How to create Unlimited Stark VPN files for All Networks

Stark VPN Reloaded is a game-changing VPN software developed by iStark Developers in October 2019.

Download Stark VPN from the Play store 

Stark VPN serves many purposes such as;

-          -  Free Internet VPN access

-         -  Unlocking restricted sites

-         -  Speeding up your internet speed

-         - Unlocking restricted bundles such as Airtel TV bundles among other benefits.


About Stark VPN Reloaded.

App Name

Stark VPN Reloaded






iStark Dev


VPN Tools

Operating system

 Andriod 5.0 and above

Required permissions

·         Read contents your phone storage

·         View network connection

·         Have full Network Access

·         Modify contents on your phone storage

Date Released

21st Oct 2019

Last updated

06th Aug 2022


5,000,000 + downloads


Key Features of Stark VPN

-          -   Low battery consumption

-         -   Low Ram usage

-         -   Free Internet (Unlimited)

-          -  Unblock Restricted sites

-          -  Free in built servers and Network Tweaks

-          -  Easy to use

-          -  Free VPN Proxy

-          -  Custom setting

-         -   IP Changer


a)     Using Stark VPN without Files

This is the simplest method of using Stark VPN Reloaded for free internet.

It doesn’t require hosts, payloads or files to connect.

Here you select a tweak which was already configured by the developer for your network and you connect.

Countries and Networks supported.



Congo (Brazzaville):



MTN, Vodafone


Jio, Airtel, Vi




9 Mobile, Airtel, Glo, MTN, SWIFT, N TEL


Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, Zong

South Sudan:



Airtel, Halotel, Vodacom

South Africa:

Cell C, MTN, Telkom




Airtel, MTN


How to use Stark VPN without files

1. Click at the tweak for your country and network, connect to enjoy unlimitedly.

2. Endeavour to ensure that you keep the Tweaks list update.

3. It may require a little data to update tweaks for the first time to use this VPN.


      Using Stark VPN with Imported Configuration Files.

☝ Stark VPN Files have an extension of “stk” 

Here, a person with a host or payload creates and encrypts a file which other users can import into Stark VPN Reloaded so as to have similar settings as the other who created the file.

Stark VPN files are an ideal feature for users with limited experience.

Config files may be faster than Custom Tweaks, since they have less users and are fully configured.

They also help to conserve hosts from sniffers who would expose the hosts and hence blocked.

Download Stark VPN Files for All Networks.

We are going to learn how to create Stark VPN files.


How to create working Stark VPN files


-          1. Working Host or Payload for your Network

-          2. Updated Version of StarkVPN Reloaded

-          3. Smartphone

-          4. Knowledge of creating the file.



1.      1. Go to Stark VPN

2.      2. Select Custom Settings

3.      3. Click at the Menu, and select Custom Settings

4. Then select SSL MODE

5. Now Enter a working HOPST for your county and Network

You may use these sample hosts in case you don’t have.

Airtel UG:      


Airtel TZ:       

Airtel NG:       


Find more hosts

6. Check this box of v2Ray mod

7. Enter your preferred port,

I recommend 433, 80, 8888 or 80 for better results


8. Now, the rest are optional, and require advanced skills

9. Proxies may be required for some IP hosts, but not mandatory.

For the interest of making everything easy for you, you may not check the box of Connect through Proxy and DNS Tunnel unless you have what to input there.


Otherwise, in most cases, if the host is working, your files shall work even if these fields are not filled.


Only fill the mandatory fields such as custom SNI, V2Ray mod and Connection Port if you are a beginner with creating Stark VPN files.

10. Lastly, save your settings.


Next is to test whether your settings are working before creating the file.


Testing your Custom Settings

  • Procedure, Get back to the Home page, Tap at the start button to get connected.
  • If it connects, well and good, then continue to the next step.
  • If it shows “Connection Error”, then know that the HOST may not be working, reached limit, blocked or poorly set.
  • Only continue to creating Files if the Settings connected perfectly.


How to create Files for Stark VPN.


  1. 1.    Disconnect your VPN Connection.
  2. 2.      Click at the menu and select “Export Settings”
  3. 3.      Now, Give your file a name
  4. 4.      Set its Expiry Date (Optional)
  5. 5.      May lock file with Hardware ID to work on a specific device (Optional)
  6. 6.      May make the file to work over Mobile Data only/ Not working with Wi-Fi (Optional)
  7. 7.      May add a message to the users eg. Get more files from our Telegram bot @KiberuDataBot (Optional)
  8. 8.      Now, we are good to go. Click “ Export” to save the file to download




We have finished creating the file.

Now you can start sharing with your friends to enjoy also.

Please show us your progress in the comments.


How to Import Stark VPN Files.

A similar process apply for importing Ha Tunnel and Stark VPN files.

  • 1.      Simply go to the menu.
  • 2.      Select “Import Settings”
  • 3.      Your will be redirected to the your phone storage
  • 4.      Locate the file in your phone storage
  • 5.      Phone Storage > Download > click at the file to get imported.


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