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Masafi Lite VPN PRO APK. How to create account for Masafi Lite Username and password

App Name
Masafi Lite VPN (PRO)
Size 26.4 MB
Version APK Version 1.5, Config: 11.5
Last updated May 2023
Developer (Original) Tanvir Hossen
PRO by Kiberu Data & Ma Solutions
Rating 4.5 stars


About Masafi Lite VPN

 Masafi Lite is a Virtual Private Network app (software) that bases on the UDP network connection protocol to protect your internet activity through the UDP tunnel.

 UPD VPNs are known for their high speed connection and support of internet calls (VoiP) as well as access to free internet.

 Masafi lite VPN - TCP/UDP Tunnel secures your mobile internet connection by connecting you to a secure VPN server so your internet traffic goes through a military- grade encrypted tunnel, this hides your activity from companies, service providers or anyone else.

About Masafi Lite VPN PRO APK

 This is a Pro version of the original version of Masafi Lite.

 All functionalities of Masafi Lite VIP were maintained.

 The PRO version of Masafi Lite allows one account to be used in many devices

The Brains behind this project

 In fact, this project was based on its own developer Tanvir Hossen, great thanks to them.

Here comes the persons in charge of the PRO

1. KiberuData

2. Ma Solutions

How to use Masafi Lite VPN for free internet

 Just like other UDP VPNs, a username and password are required to connect these VPNs.

 We have provided enough usernames and passwords for Masafi Lite VPN

How to use Masafi Lite without Username and password

 Binke and ADFU hve on the other hand rendered efforts to work on the login pages.

 However, their efforts are still not satisfactory since, they still add the accounts manually to the APK files before release.

 Hence when the account expires, the apk file shall be useless thus you will need to get a new updated APK VPN file.

How to connect Masafi Lite VPN

1. You should have a little data on your simcard for the first time to use Masafi Lite VPN MOD, yhis helps to load and updare resources.

2. Update resources online manually if not updated automatically

3. Enter the Username and password.

4. Select sever and network tweak.

5. A tweak based on your network would be the best, but this does not limit you from connecting to different tweaks from your network.

Download Masafi Lite


Download Masafi Lite APK from Telegram
Download Download Masafi Lite APK from Website


Why use Masafi Lite?

1. Account can be used in many devices

2. No account is used in another device.

3. Improved stability

4. One tap connection

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