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BOX VPN Account and Settings. How to use Box VPN for free Internet. How to create Box VPN account

How to create BOX VPN Account. How to use Box VPN for free Internet. How to create Box VPN account


How Create a Box VPN account,Tutorial and free account; Settings, Username and Password.

Unlimited is back on Airtel using box VPN, save the money that you always spend on buying data bundles that are expensive and flow as if you are sharing with the company.


Use box VPN to access internet freely on your simcard with Zero MB


This tutorial is for you if you are interested in;

Free Internet VPNs

Free Data Airtel

Box VPN settings

Box VPN account details


About Box VPN – Fast and Secure




Mb Developer Team





Operating system

Android 5 +

Date released

22nd March

Last Updated

22nd March

Key Features





Download Box VPN

NOTE: The Latest Version on of BOX VPN on the playstore may not work for you, Click here to download Previous Versions that are still working

What is Box VPN

Box VPN is a virtual private network service that provides secure and private internet access to its users.

 It encrypts internet traffic and masks the user's IP address, making it difficult for anyone to track their online activity or intercept their data.

Box VPN offers a user-friendly interface and has servers in multiple locations, enabling users to access geo-restricted content.

 It also supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android.

Box VPN has a no-logging policy, ensuring that user data is not collected or stored.

The service provides reliable and fast connections, making it suitable for streaming, gaming, and browsing.


How to use Box VPN

Download the latest Version of Box VPN

Have a little data to load the servers and network tweak

Click at the update button to update the servers if the servers are not loading automatically

Select a server (any sever would work but United States is better)

Then, select a tweak for your country and network

Enter account details: username and password

Click the start button to connect.


How to create a Box VPN Account

How to Create a Box VPN Account, Username and Password.
To use Box VPN you need to have an account; username and password.
It is not very easy to create a Box VPN account since there is no clear platiform but rather resellers, hence you may be required to get Box VPN accounts from resellers

You are lucky, you found this post, I have created many Box VPN accounts which am to offer to our visitors of

Box VPN Account

  Troubleshoot: Solving common errors with Box VPN  

Not loading servers

Have a little data to load servers and network tweaks


Stops on the way while connecting

Employ a valid account

Have a stable 4G network connection


I don’t have a box VPN username and password

I have provided you a free account for box VPN, click here to view account details


Connected but not working

Have a stable 4G network connection


Connected but slow

Have a stable 4G network connection


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