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Robust Tunnel PRO VPN - No username and Password

Robust Tunnel PRO
  • Super Fast, NO account needed

  • Save that money that you spend purchasing data by using Free Internet VPNs such as Robust Tunnel PRO.

  • Here at,we offer FREE internet VPNs, with and without usernames and passwords.

  • We know, very many UDP VPNs shall require accounts, but getting accounts is quite hard since there is no direct way. It necessisates passing through blockers and resellers who also do the work at their benefit.

  • Having a VIP that does not require Accounts, would be ideal to everyone

  • Lets get started .....

App Details

NAMERobust Tunnel PRO
UPDATED:23rd Jan
KEY FEATURES  No accounts needed!
  High speed
  Free unlimited vpn server
RATING: 4.8 stars

App permissions

  • Access External Storage.( Optional )
  • Access CAMERA.( Optional )
  • Access Network.
  • send notifications (Optional)

About Robust Tunnel PRO VPN

  • Robust Tunnel PRO is a Virtual Private Network offered by Exotic Tech. The Publisher of Exotic Fast VIP
  • Robust Tunnel PRO offers high speed internet using Open VPN and UDP Hysteria Protocol through a 'military-grade' security tunnel
  • It is a new VPN published at the start of this month
  • It works unlimitedly without need for Username and password

Key features

  • Large number of servers, high-speed bandwidth
  • Low RAM , Battery consumption
  • You can connect without username and password
  • Tunnel Server location in multiple countries.
  • All Servers are deployed in 1 Gbps network.
  • Supports various protocols
  • Has over 15 inbuilt servers

Connection Protocols

  • UDP Hysteria (User Datagram Protocol)
  • OpenVPN (Websocket)
  • V2ray

By supporting all these Protocols, it makes Robust Tunnel PRO a century VPN

How to use VPNs for free internet

 Unlike other UDP VPNs, a username and password are may not required to connect this VPN.

 Hence, you do not need to have a username and password to connect this VPN.

Tips and best practices

  • Set Server to Auto select, this helps to optimize the best server for your region
  • Set tweak to any of these;
    1. AIRTEL UGANDA (2)
  • Or a tweak that reflects your network. Then connect to enjoy unlimited internet

How to connect VPN with no Account

1. You should have a little data on your simcard for the first time to use any VPN, this helps to load and update resources.

2. Update resources online manually if not updated automatically

3. Select sever and network tweak.

4. A tweak based on your network would be the best, but this does not limit you from connecting to different tweaks from your network.

Robust Tunnel PRO

Networks supported

  • Airtel UG
  • Airtel Kenya
  • Tigo Tanzania
  • Orange DRC
  • Mango Rwanda
  • Zain Sudan
  • Netone Zimbabwe
  • STC (SA)
  • Mobily (SA)
  • Jawwy (SA)
  • STC (SA)

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