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New Unlimited VPN. How to use GB Tunnel for unlimited internet on all networks

Free internet VPN for Airtel, Box VPN account, Spider Web Account


It is hard to find a working Free internet VPN until you land on a genuine person like KiberuData


Save the money that you spend on buying expensive data that will not even be enough for you, the message i hate most is the one mainly from Airtel "Dear customer, you have used 80% of your monthly bundle" morover in half an hour


It is for that reason that you should try out this new VPN for free and unlimited Internet, don't hesitate to inform me of your experience with this VPN, just in the comments


This tutorial is for you if you are interested in;

Free Internet VPNs

Free Data Airtel

Box VPN Settings and Account Username and Password

Gb Tunnel VPN account username and Password


Gb Tunnel VPN Unlimited


Gb Tunnel VPN gives unlimited internet on your Sim card with no data on various networks in countries such as;

Uganda Unlimited Free





Saudi Arabia

United Arab emirates


South Africa

And may other networks

If your Network is not listed in the above list, then you will use “ALL COUNTRY FREE” Tweak to get unlimited using this VPN


About Gb Tunnel VPN Unlimited


Gb Tunnel VPN


Mb Developer Team





Operating system

Android 5 +

Date released

10th March

Last Updated

22nd March

Key Features


One tap connection



Download Gb Tunnel VPN


What is Gb Tunnel VPN

 GB Tunnel VPN is a virtual private network service that offers secure and anonymous internet browsing. It encrypts internet traffic, making it impossible for hackers, ISPs, or government agencies to intercept or monitor your online activities.


 Gb Tunnel VPN offers a user-friendly interface and has servers in multiple locations, enabling users to access geo-restricted content.


Key Features of Gb Tunnel VPN

 Strict no logging policy


 Fast and stable


 Compatability to most devices


 High-speed bandwidth


 Unlimited Time


 Unlimited Data


 Easy to generate account


 One tap to connect the vpn


 Secure Connection


 Consumes less device resources


How to use Gb Tunnel VPN

 Download the latest Version of Gb Tunnel VPN


 Have a little data to load the servers and network tweak


 Click at the update button to update the servers if the servers are not loading automatically


 Select a server, Use UPD servers for free internet


 Then, click at the drop down for account


 Enter account details: username and password (This is the most important part of this tutorial, generate your account just below)


 Lastly, Click the start button to connect.

 Gb Tunnel Connected for over 9 hours without disconnection


Gb Tunnel VPN Account

Generate Gb Tunnel VPN account details


Troubleshoot: Solving common problems you may encounter while using Gb Tunnel VPN
1. Shows Invalid Authentication

 Use valid account details given


 This VPN always connects given correct username and password


2. Not loading servers

 Have a little data to load servers and network tweaks


3. Stops on the way while connecting

 Employ a valid account


 Have a stable 4G network connection


 Consider running airplane mode for a minute and connect again


3.           I don’t have a Gb Tunnel VPN username and password

 I have provided you a free account for Gb Tunnel VPN, click here to view account details


4.           Connected but not working

 Have a stable 4G network connection


 Consider running airplane mode for a minute and connect again


 First connect with a simcard with data, then disconnect and switch to a simcard without data, it will connect instantly.


5.           Connected but slow

 Have a stable 4G network connection

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