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SOCKS IP Tunnel Unlimited Internet. Download Unlimited Socks IP Files. How to create Socks IP Files

Socks IP files Unlimited, Unlimited VPN free Internet on Airtel, How to create Socks IP files

Get free Internet Unlimitedly using the SOCKS IP VPN on all Networks Such as Airtel, MTN, Tigo, Vodacom, Glo and many others.

What is Socks IP

Socksip is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Software that uses the HTTP tunnel that encrypts your internet activity to browse freely on censored networks where some content may be prohibited in the country of origin with socksIP you can enjoy said content.

SocksIP also supports various protocols such as HTTP, SSH, SSL and UDP which makes fast and able to provide free and unlimited internet.


About SocksIp.




18 MB


New Tools Works




19th March 2019




Android 4.4 and above


Full access to network connections on your device.

Control device vibration

Access to storage

Prevent device from sleeping

Run VPN Service

Key features

Faster Speeds

HTTP Connection

UDP Tunnel




Key features of socks ip

Faster Speeds

Supports Various Protocols: HTTP, UDP, SSH and SSL

Simple Interface

Use of custom configurations

Lock files while exporting

Simple connection mode and HTTP request

You can use your own HTTP/SSL/TLS SSH server

Support for games and UDP streaming communication

Application of minimum consumption of resources


Features that need improvement on SocksIP:

Ability to monitor data used in Socks IP: Upload and download

More improvement in speeds


Socks IP speed test

Speed Test was performed from, this will help us to determine how fast this file may work.
Note that speed may vary due to various factors such such Signal strength and device

Averagely 5 MB Persecond which is moderate and will give you ultimate experience.

The speed of the free servers will depend on your location and how loaded the server is


How to use Socks Ip

 Socks IP can be used with and without files.

 Using socks IP without files shall requirespecific configurations of the connection.

 However, socks IP files (SIP) have encrypted configurations customed by an experienced user which will make it easy for you to enjoy free and unlimited internet wiothout much struggle.


 All you need is to download socksip files, import and connect


  Always have a little data to laod Servers for the file time to use Socks IP VPN Proxy

A stable 4G network connectivity is also paramount.

Run Airplane mode for a minute to clear network faults before connecting


How to create socksip files.

 It is a similar way to create socks IP filesas other VPNs such as NapsternetV. You will be required to have configured a server which you will use to configure sicksip files.


Download socks IP files

Don't use this file on Torrent sites, it may stop working definately

How to import Socks IP files

 After downloading the SIP file, click at the file, and on the apps displayed to open the file, select Socks IP, the file will be imported, connect to enjoy free internet unlimitedly

 Alternatenely, you may also head to Socks ip, click at the 3 dots in the right upper corner to load options, select Import Config and locate the file from your phone storage.

Troubleshoot: Solving common errors with Socks Ip.

Connection errors:

 Run Airplane mode for a minute to clear network faults.

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