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Download Taj Tunnel Pro Unlimited For Free

Taj Tunnel Pro VPN Unlimited 2023. New Unlimited VPN for Airtel

How to get free internet using Taj Tunnel Pro.

Get free and Unlimited internet on Airtel using Taj Tunnel Pro VPN, the VPN is available at the playstore currently for android users only.

However, there is hope for the developers (RR Technology) to avail a version that supports iOS in the near future.


About Taj VPN


Taj Tunnel Pro




RR Technology


Access External Storage. (Optional)

Access camera. (Optional)

Access Network.

Release date

3rd March 2023

Last updated

13th March 2023


13 MB


10,000 +

Key Features

High Speed



Download Taj Tunnel Pro VPN

Download Previous Versions

The Latest Version of Taj brought various cahnges in the interface, hence many users have reported difficulty in using it

Download Previous Versions so as to continue using this VPN


Key Features

Superfast HTTP Tunnel using HTTP CONNECT Method

Low RAM, Battery consumption

High Speed

Works good in low speed mobile network

Change your location; Protect your privacy.

Tunnel Server location in multiple countries.

All Servers are deployed in 1 GB per second network speed.

A simple and easy to use tunnel for your phone and tablet.


How to use Taj Tunnel Pro VPN

Download Taj Tunnel from the Google playstore

It is advisable to have a little data like minimum 5MB to help Taj to fetch the servers and configurations.

Click to select a server and get connected.

Working Servers for Taj Tunnel.

At first, every server was working perfectly with thunder speeds of 1 GB per second, this would render a maximum speed of 5 MB per second for each 200 users connected to one server.

Due to heavy usage of the servers, as many people (free internet addicts) just like you and I found greener pastures to graze of hungry phones, the severs slowed and some stopped working for various networks.

Before using Taj Tunnel, it is therefore important to understand and identify which servers may work for your Network, otherwise, you may fail to utilize the VPN

Best Severs for Taj Tunnel on Airtel Network

Server s17

Sever s18

Sever s10



Troubleshoot: Solving common errors with Taj Tunnel

1.       My App is not showing all the servers.

Uninstall the app and download a new version from the playstore

Have a little data to fetch and update the servers for the first time just after installation

2.       Showing Update error

Uninstall the app and download a new version from the playstore

My Taj Tunnel is no longer connecting

Ensure that you have the latest version of Taj Tunnel Pro VPN (Version 1.6 or later) with atleast 19 servers.

User any of these servers to ensure connectivity

Server s17
Sever s18
Server s10

4.       I have the latest Version but still doesn’t connect

Run aeroplane mode on your device for 1 minute to solve network faults


5.       I have failed to use Taj Tunnel on MTN Network

Kindly note that Taj Tunnel servers are no longer supported on MTN network, developers are working tirelessly to discover more interesting tweaks.


6.       The VPN always Connects stops working and doesn’t connect again

Run aeroplane mode on your device for 1 minute to solve network faults.

Reboot your device if it is consistent.

Consider deploying network optimizers such as HSPA optimizer plus


7.       My Taj VPN pro connects but it is very slow

Ensure that you have a stable 4G network connection

Try clearing app cache

Switching severs would resolve the issue

Run aeroplane mode on your device for 1 minute to solve network faults

Consider deploying network optimizers such as HSPA optimizer plus


8.       Connected but not working

Change Server and Connect again


9.       Requires account log in details; Username or password.

You downloaded a different VPN, click here to download the Original Version


10.   Packet Lost, Auto Reconnect

Just have a stable network. (Preferably 4G network connectivity)



  1. Very good
    1. Thanks for your feedback
  2. Not working
  3. I updated mine and now everything has changed including the graphics and it's no longer working
    1. Thanks for your notification, I have availed the APK files for previous versions of Taj Tunnel Pro. If the updated version doesnot work for you, you may downgrade to previous versions.
  4. Thabks for raising this concern, here you may downgrade to a previous version, am to provide the Previous Version shortly
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