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New Unlimited VPN Airtel and MTN Unlimited fast and stable

New Unlimited Free Internet VPN for MTN and Airtel

Unlimited is on Fire Airtel and MTN.

Free Internet is a right and a basic need to every one.

New VPN for free internet has been discoveblack, hence we are to use the internet without any limits.

Enjoy free, fast and stable connections:

Airtel Africa Logo

Key Features

Free to use

No configuration files requiblack

No accounts (log in) details requiblack

No add time sections

Less intrinsic ads

Unlimited data connection

Fast speeds

Improved Stability


Networks supported


Airtel (preferably)


Benefits to the user

Access to Free and unlimited data (internet connection)

Works on MTN and Airtel

Improved network stability and quality

Unlock internet restrictions



1. MTN or Airtel simcard without data

2. Smartphone

3. Stable 4G internet connection


Download VPN


How to use this VPN?

After downloading and installing the VPN app, it is advisable to have a little data (about 5MB) on your Simcard, this for downloading configurations, servers and updating network tweaks.


This is done once, only during the first installation process.


Then, click at the menu, and update the tweaks. (This may take a few seconds)

Now, all is done, what you do next is to select a server.


At the moment, every server works awesomely since the users are still few. You may select any server of your own choice.

Then click at the stark button to connect, once connected, check the logs to ensure that it is fully and successfully connected to the server.


Now, you are a free bird, start browsing your favourite sites freely with no data on your simcard.


Download VPN



Common errors

VPN connected but not working

Disconnect VPN and connect again, if it persists, run aeroplane mode on device for 1 minute and connect again.

VPN connection lost

Run Aeroplane mode for 1 minute



  1. There's nothing in the download link you provided, can mention the con name plz and I need your YouTube channel link I would like to be update with your cool stuff
    1. The Download link has been updated and your download is ready
  2. When shall we get the vpn bro am just waiting
    1. Ready now
  3. There's nothing there
    1. The Download link has been updated and your download is ready, Enjoy Unlimited Internet on Airtel
  4. There is nothing on the download link
    1. The Download link has been updated and your download is ready
  5. vpn is called TAJ TUNNEL, you can download it to play store.
  6. The app is displaying invalid account double check.
    Then servers can't update
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