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Airtel Learn From Home Unlimited 2023


Airtel Learn from Home Bundles Unlimited


Save money that you spend on buying expensive data which depreciates within minutes by using Airtel LFH Bundles which are relatively cheap.


Learn From Home Bundles (LFH Bundles) are special Internet packages which were introduced in 2021 by Internet service Providers (ISPs) such as MTN and Airtel to facilitate home learning during the COVID 19 lockdown.


How to reduce data expenditure using LFH bundles

You will realise a fundamental reduction on the costs of internet when you shift to using Learn From Homes because they are relatively cheap compared to daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly bundles.


Prices of Learn From Home Bundles on Airtel



Price (UGX)

30 GB

1 GB daily for 30 days


7 GB

1 GB daily for 7 days


1 GB

24 hours




How to buy Learn From Home Bundles?

To buy LFH bundles, you will follow the same procedures as buying daily, weekly or monthly bundles.


Dial *175#

Select option 2 

Select either buy for yourself or buy for another number.

Then select option 9 (Learn From Home Bundles)

Select your preferred package

Or Simply dial *175*2*1*9# 


How do Learn From Home Bundles work?

These internet bundles are meant to be used on specific platforms for learning purposes such as

·         Zoom

·         Google Meet

·         Microsoft Teams

·         Google classroom

·         Hi- Innovator

·         Edubeeonline

·         uLesson

·         Vimeo

·         Khan Academy

·         ODEL sites for MUK, UCU, MUBS, Gulu University, KYU, IUEA, Mbarara University and Uganda Martyrs University*


How to use Learn From Bundles on All sites.

The greatest nightmare you would face is to see data loaded on your simcard but you are not able to surf the internet.


Apparently, in normal circumstances, LFH bundles may not work on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other sites as normal data.


This prompted us to hunt for various ways of activating this data to be used on all sites.


Our search drove us to discover HOSTs for tunnelling apps such as Ha Tunnel Plus, Stark VPN Reloaded and NapsternetV that can be used to activate these bundles on all sites.



How to activate Learn From Home bundles on all sites.

After loading LFH bundles, you will need a file or Host for any VPNs mentioned above.


The choice of the VPN is dependent on your device compatibility, wants and familiarity.


So far Ha tunnel is the King of the jungle but has many ads, Stark VPN gives similar speeds with less ads though not stable on some devices. NapsternetV on the other hand would be my first priority as far as speeds, compatibility and stability are concerned but troublesome to configure.


Using Ha Tunnel for LFH Unlimited

1.      Using Ha Tunnel for LFH with HOSTs


Host 1:


Port: 443 /80 / 8080

Server: New York, USA


Host 2:


Port: 443 /80 / 8080

Server: New York, USA / London UK/ Australia


Hosts should be should be used only if you have knowledge of how to set up custom settings for Ha Tunnel plus.


2.      Using Ha Tunnel files for LFH Unlimited

This is recommended for steady connection as configured by KiberuData Master.

Download Airtel LFH Unlimited files





Using Stark VPN for LFH Unlimited

1.      Using Stark VPN Reloaded for LFH with HOSTs

Host 1:


Port: 443 /80 / 8080

Server: Any random Server


Host 2:


Port: 443 /80 / 8080

Server: Any Random Server Region


2.     Using Stark VPN files for LFH Unlimited

This is recommended for steady connection as configured by KiberuData Master.

Download Airtel LFH Unlimited files.


How to create Stark VPN files



Using NapsternetV for LFH Unlimited

iPhone users’ should opt for this since the other two VPNs listed may not support iOS.


NapsternetV is not limited for use to only iOs users but also to Android users hence giving much compatibilities across various devices.


One good thing you will enjoy with NapsternetV is the fast V2ray connections and steady speeds. You will also get rid of much disruptive ads and add time sessions as experienced in Ha Tunnel when you use NapsternetV.


However, the user friendliness of NapsternetV is not as that of Ha tunnel. In fact, knowledge of how to use Ha Tunnel, Stark and droid VPN doesn’t guarantee athomeness with NapsternetV.


Download LFH files for NapsternetV.

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