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How to unlock Airtel TV Bundles on all sites

Did you get free GBs on Airtel using the Free Spin Wheel. 

The rewards include:
Free 50 Mb on Airtel 
Airtel TV Bundles 
Airtel Night bundles among others 

How to use Airtel TV Bundles on all sites. 

I understand that Airtel TV Bundles do not work on all sites since they are intended to be used in the Airtel TV app. 

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to activate  Airtel TV Bundles on all sites. 

I shall also provide you with a free file to unlock your Airtel TV Bundles on all sites. 

Recently there is a trending trick on Airtel which is the spin wheel and to win so when you wake up at at 3:00 a.m. in the morning for like 10 minutes and you make any transaction on my Airtel App for as low as loading airtime of 100 shillings and you get yourself free spin wheel which rewards you with free data. 
The rewards could vary for every user and every phone that is used so you can get bundles like 50 mb free for usage, you can get the time bundles night bundles and most important are the adult TV bundles. 

It is very frequent that you can win and laod Airtel TV bundles such as 2GB, 5gb, 12 GB but for Airtel TV. 

In normal situations, you may not use these bundles except from the Airtel TV app. 

That's why in this tutorial I want to take you through how to use Airtel TV bundles on all Sites. 

VPNs that we may use to unlock Airtel TV Bundles. 
Ha tunnel 
Rez tunnel 
Stark VPN 

Just like the way we use Learn from home bundles on all Sites yet they are meant to be used on Google meet zoom and other related learning programs. 

We shall need a configuration file for the VPNs mentioned above to activate the bundles on All sites

How to load Airtel TV Bundles 

We shall use, the Airtel App. 

Use Referal Code NSCL68YG to get free 200MB for your first time to use My Airtel App. 

After downloading and installing this application 

Log into your account. 
Make sure that you switch data connection to the Airtel simcard you are using. 
Do not use a VPN for this purpose. 

Make a transaction using my Airtel app between 3:00am to 3:10am.
You may just load airtime of 100/= repeatedly as you get a free spin wheel which will definitely reward you with free data. 

How to unlock Airtel TV Bundles 

1. Using Ha Tunnel plus 
Import a hat config file and connect. 

2. Using Stark VPN 
Import this file to connect 

How to import Stark VPN files.

Importing these files would seem to be difficult to ultimate beginners but apparently with time, you will get used. You will find it easy and very simple.


i)                    Importing Stark VPN files from Telegram.

-          For files on Telegram, click at the 3 dots beneath the file, then select save to download.

-          Then go to Stark VPN and click at the (Import Settings)

-          Locate the file on your device storage. (Internal Storage> Download> telegram Download)

-          Click at the file to get imported


ii)                   Importing Stark VPN files from WhatsApp.

-          For files on WhatsApp, do not click at the file since the device might not be able to open it.

-          Then go to Stark VPN and click at the (Import Settings)

-          Locate the file on your device storage. (Internal Storage> WhatsApp (GB/FM/OG/Bussiness)> media> private>WhatsApp documents)

-          At times whatsApp folder is located in the Android folder.

-          Click at the file to get imported


iii)                 Importing Stark VPN files from browsers like Chrome, Samsung Internet, Phoenix.

-          For files from Browsers, simply download the config to your phone storage

-          Then go to Stark VPN and click at the (Import Settings)

-          Locate the file on your device storage. (Internal Storage> Download)

-          Click at the file to get imported

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