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WireTun mod apk Unlimited time Wiretun Alpha V2

 WireTun Alpha Version 2

Getting free internet access on your phone isn't an easy task.

Apparently, you have to carryout much of research, concentration, carefulness and relentlessness. 

There are several VPNs for free internet on Android and IOS such as;

- Ha tunnel plus

- HTTP Injector

- Edoz Tunnel

- Rez Tunnel

- Droid VPN

- WireTun VPN

VPNs which require config files such as Ha Tunnel plus, rez tunnel, http injector and napsternet tend to give fabulous speeds and stability.

But to enjoy their service, probably you should be with hosts and config files as well as custom settings. Eventually, this makes it a hard nut to crack thereby excluding their unlimited bandwith width to the professionals.

None the less, i shall provide you with working hosts and config files so as you would also enjoy Unlimited Internet.


There are some VPNs which donot require special settings, hosts and payloads to give free and unlimited internet on all networks.

These may include:

- V2ray hybrid

- EdozTunnel

- Wiretun VPN

WireTun mod apk with Unlimited Time (WireTun Alpha Version 1)

I earlier sent you a version of wiretun with unlimited time known as WireTun Alpha mod apk V1

Now , it was not compatible to some some devices, other devices also requested updates and it is the reason to address in this tutorial.

Wiretun mod apk with Unlimited Time Download

Wiretun Alpha Version 2.

This would be the alternative solution for free and unlimited internet.

easy to use,fast and stable

With Unlimited Time.

Set up

1. Download WireTun Alpha mod Version

Have a little data to fetch the servers and network tweaks

select the server

USA, UK and Canada servers are recommended for faster connections

Then Tap connect to get connected

WireTun mod apk WireTun Alpha Version 2

1. Download from Mega nz

WireTun Alpha V2 apk download

2. Download from Media Fire

WireTun Alpha V2 Kiberu Data download

3. Download from Telegram bot 

WireTun mod apk Alpha V2 Kiberu Data download

Get this new modified version of Wiretun Alpha VPN with unlimited time

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