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Wire Tun 1.7.1 APK + Mod (Free Unlimited Time) for Android

In early days of December 2021, WireTun Networkers rounded up the life of free Internet by unleashing a new VPN software for android know as WIRE TUN.

WIRETUN VPN received fast developments and audiences since it was easy to use, stable and fast.

By the time this game changing VPN landed, it had only 2 servers, UK and USA.
Thanks to the developers, indeed momentum is observed at developing over 100 servers as of recent.

WIRETUN vs Droid VPN. 

Droid is the Grand father of free Internet Vpns. 
I was there at times of Gaddafi, Robert Mugabe, Trump and now Ruto. 
We have observed several VPN softwares corrupting down but Droid still exists. 
Did you here of:
Bahai net (It was real fire on Airtel)
Worst VPN
Windscribe VPN 
Tunnel Core and others, 

All those existed in their time, and now no where to be seen but droid is still reigning. 

Comparison between Droid VPN and WireTun. 

Droid VPN.

Network: All
Configs: NOT necessarily
Settings: Required
Speed: Fast
Stability: Moderate
Limit: 300mb for free account, Unlimited for Premium accounts. 
Compatability: All android devices and Windows. 
Errors: Server is full, Engine no longer responding to start command, Local blind socket failed, Download limit reached, User already online


Network: All
Speed: Fast
Stability: NOT stable 
Limit: Unlimited 
Errors: User server limit , Connection Timeout, Connected but not working. 
Compatability: NOT compatible to some android devices. 

Which is the GOAT

The decision lies in your hands. 
My opinion, WireTun is better than Droid fast it's User friendliness and Unlimited Bandwidth.
Alternatively, droid is compatible to most devices and supports Windows desktops though with limited bandwidth for free accounts. 
It is therefore important to consider having both VPNs for smooth running on the Internet. 


To solve the problems encountered with WireTun as mentioned above which include but not limited to:
User server limit. 
Connection Timeout. 
Connected but not working. 
Not Compatible to your device
Not fetching severs. 
Not adding time 

Developers have gone a extra mile to Modify WireTun to create modifications on features such Unlimited Time, Compatability, Color schemes, background, Speed and stability. 

Developed WireTun modified Applications. 

1. WireTun Alpha Version 1 (With Unlimited Time) 
2. WireTun Alpha V2 (Unlimited Time, eye friendly colour scheme, and stability) 
3. WireTun Binke (Color scheme, stability and compatibility). 
How to "fix the WireTun is not your device anymore". 

This is a strange feeling for those who enjoyed free Internet during the early days of WireTun. 
Several modifications have been made on WireTun to fix compatibility but non of them has eradicated this issue, even the WireTun Binke mod that am sharing with you today doesn't solve this issue to the fullest. 
Yes, it has solved the problem on some devices but not on all. 
Test your luck! 


The latest version of WireTun is not compatible to many devices. 
There are various versions of WireTun Binke to eradicate the issue. 

Download WireTun Binke Mod apk. 

Download from Mega NZ

Download WireTun MOD (Unlimited Time)

Download from media fire. 

This version of WireTun has been tested on some devices and has proved to be somewhat compatible but this does not guarantee that it will be compatible to every device. 

If this version too  is not compatible to your device, 
Please use the original version and notify us by 
With your android version so as we would modify WireTun to suit your needs. 


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