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Kiberu data WireTun mod apk with Unlimited Time download.

Free Unlimited Internet on all networks using wire tun VPN.

WireTun VPN provides free of charge Internet to all networks in many countries. 


WireTun does not require any configuration files to operate. 

You just need a simcard with zero kb and stable Internet access. 

Method 1.
1. Download WireTun mod Alpha 
You can also use my Modified version with Unlimited Time. 
Scroll down to download the modified version 👇. 
Note that to install the modified version, you should first uninstall the original version of the app from the play store. 

Set up. 
1. After downloading and installing WireTun mod, study its interface and menu. 
Click at server list to select the servers. 
Consider "Any optimised" 
If you face any challenges with wire tun. 
United Kingdom 
United States 
And Canada servers work better. 

Click to get connected and watch some ads to increase your usage time. 

Get the wire tun VPN mod with Unlimited Time. 
1. Download from Telegram Bot

2. Download from MEGA. 

1 comment

  1. Came on man wire tun you gave me is not unlimited . Timed it and it stops when 15mins pass. I need the unlimited one please
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