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Spider web VPN MOD APK

App Name
Spider Web VPN (MOD)
Size 26.4 MB
Version APK Version 1.5, Config: 11.5
Last updated July 2023
Developer (Original) Bin Mohammad
Modified by Kiberu Data & Ma Solutions
Rating 4.5 stars


About Spider web VPN

 Spider web is a Virtual Private Network app (software) that bases on the UDP network connection protocol to protect your internet activity through the UDP tunnel.

 UPD VPNs are known for their high speed connection and support of internet calls (VoiP) as well as access to free internet.

 Spider-Web VPN, super fast VPN to proxy sites, watch videos and movies, protect WiFi security and protect privacy.

Key features of Spider-Web VPN

- Large number of servers, high-speed bandwidth

- Unlimited time, Unlimited data, Unlimited bandwidth

- No Log is saved from any users

- Simple, one tap connect to VPN

- Protect your security and privacy

About Spider web VPN MOD APK

 This is a modified version of the original version of Spider web.

 All functionalities of Spider web VIP were maintained.

 Our center of modification was on the ability to lock account to be used in one device.

 The modified version of Spider web allows one account to be used in many devices

 Minor changes were made to apk icon and welcome message

The MOD Version of Spider web VPN

 In fact, this project was based on its own developer Tanvir Hossen, great thanks to them.

Here comes the persons in charge of modification

1. KiberuData

2. Ma Solutions

We feel that everyone should use such VPN softwares without restrictions

How to use Spider web VPn for free internet

 Just like other UDP VPNs, a username and password are required to connect these VPNs.

 We have provided enough usernames and passwords for Spider web VPN

Generate accounts for Spider web VPN MOD

How to connect Spider web MOD VPN

1. You should have a little data on your simcard for the first time to use Spider web VPN MOD, this helps to load and update resources.

2. Update resources online manually if not updated automatically

3. Enter the Username and password.

4. Select sever and network tweak.

5. A tweak based on your network would be the best, but this does not limit you from connecting to different tweaks from your network.

Spider web MOD connected

Download Spider web


Download Spider web MOD APK from Telegram
Download Download Spider web MOD APK from Website


How to install Spider web MOD

 This MOD APK file may not be installed if you have a similar app of Spider web from the playstore.

 Hence, you will uninstall the playstore version of Spider web if installed on your device before installing the modified APK

Why use MOD app of Spider web instead of original version

1. Account can be used in many devices

2. No account is used in another device.

3. Improved stability

4. One tap connection

Warning about MOD Apps

While mod APKs can be appealing, it is crucial to exercise caution when using them. Modded apps are not official versions released by the original developers, and their safety and security cannot be guaranteed.

These modified apps are often distributed through unofficial sources, which may expose users to potential risks such as malware or compromised privacy.

It is recommended to only download modded apps from trusted sources and to use reliable security software to protect your device.

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